Nutrition Coaching: Real strategies for Real results


Registered Dietitian services help you manage and avoid many health problems. Working with a Registered Dietitian will allow you to achieve real life-long healthy eating habits, while feeling motivated and inspired.

Initial Nutrition Assessment

During your first meeting with our dietitian, information will be obtained on your medical history, eating patterns, and lifestyle goals. This information will be used to create personalized meal plans and resources that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Follow Up Sessions

During your follow up sessions, you will be coached and encouraged to continue to work towards your goals. Our dietitian will provide you with additional resources and advice to keep you on the right track and overcome challenges.

Why should I see a Registered Dietitian for my nutrition goals?

A Registered Dietitian must have a BSc degree majoring in nutrition. RDs have also completed an accredited internship program and their credentials are protected by law. Dietitians ensure that the most reliable and evidence-based food and nutrition information is provided to you. Dietitians are the trusted source of up-to-date food and nutrition information and are skilled to deliver this information to you in a caring, encouraging and non-judgmental way.


-Management or prevention of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.
-Meal planning (including recipes) for individuals and busy families.
-Cooking strategies to enjoy nutritious and tasty meals 7 days/week.
-Weight loss or weight gain.
-Sports Nutrition.
-Digestive issues and allergies.

For more information on fees and to book an appointment with our dietitian Vanessa MacLellan, RD, please call:  (506) 738-3554